Demonstration prototypes

Hydrogen tank and all-terrain vehicle refueling point

The prototypes completed and running


ATV with hydrogen fuel cell


Hydrogen production system


Set of inverters and battery bank


Three-phase PV inverters and battery bank with recombiners


Floating photovoltaic panels


Solar tracker


Aeration raft

Works to improve the area of prototypes and their accesses img_6460_web img_6465_web

We already have the ATV with fuel cell 20160224_173108_web

In the location of the prototypes we have placed information panels IMG_6425_web Partial view of raft and the area for parking and refueling vehicle 11_web Partial view of technical building and raft

Here we show different images of the components of hydrogen production system IMG-20160405-WA0001_web Touch screen control and hydrogen production area in its final location 20160315_112546_web Hydrolyzer, depot and control, during the tests IMG-20160405-WA0008_web

The water purifier for hydrogen production

We have renovated and expanded an existing shed for the location of the prototypes (electronics, batteries, control, hydrogen production) IMG_6349web Extended building IMG_6133_web Existing shed before its reform

We have assembled a set of photovoltaic panels floating on a raft montaje-flotadores-4 PV floating mounting (3) montaje-flotadores-2PV floating mounting (2) montaje-flotadores-1PV floating mounting (1)

Previous tests of the prototype of floating support for photovoltaic panels (photos courtesy of Isigenere) flotador-prototipo-1

We have assembled the panels in the solar tracker. montaje_seguidor_5 Solar tracker assembled montaje_seguidor_4Solar tracker during assembly (4) montaje_seguidor_3 Solar tracker during assembly (3) montaje_seguidor_2 Solar tracker during assembly (2) montaje_seguidor_1 Solar tracker during assembly (1)

We have assembled the panels in fixed structure. IMG_6130web Photovoltaic panels mounted on fixed structure on filter sand.

Components of the hydrogen system


Stationary hydrogen tanks


Hydrogen compressor


We have built the fuel cell to be installed in the ATV. Currently undergoing testing in the laboratory of LIFTEC (09/23/2015)

We have chosen the locations of photovoltaic fields.


360 ° view from the site of the solar tracker. Viñas del Vero 09/03/2015


360 ° view from the site of the photovoltaic field on the ground (sand filter). Viñas del Vero 09/03/2015

We are already working on adapting the vehicle all electric field to integrate hydrogen tanks, the fuel cell and the control system.


The electric ATV and hydrogen tanks in the workshop of LIFTEC.

In the location of future prototypes, we have installed some electric power meters and sensors renewable resources (wind and solar). In the photo, partial view of the aeration basin of the industrial water treatment plant (WWTP) with a set of sensors installed. These sensors and their data logger are powered by a small photovoltaic panel, which avoids the use of disposable batteries.


Sensors installed on the aeration raft of the WWTP. Viñas del Vero.