Visits to wineries

In Haro (La Rioja) we have visited La Rioja Alta winery, with Roberto Frías

In Ribeira Sacra zone, we have visited Adegas Moure, with Evaristo Rodríguez

In Cambados, we have visited the Martín Códax winery, with Alfonso Nogueira

In O Rosal, we have visited the Terras Gauda winery, with Emilio Canas

In O Rosal, we have visited the Lagar de Cervera winery, with Ángel Suárez

In Salvaterra de Miño, we have visited Pazos de Lusco winery, with Sergio Alén

In Ribadavia, we have visited Viña Costeira winery, with Susana Gulín

In the Ribeira Sacra zone we have visited the Dominio do Bibei winery, with Gutier Seijo

In El Puerto de Santamaría (Cádiz) we have visited Bodegas Luis Caballero with Jaime Pindado.

In Salinas (Alicante) we have visited Finca Collado, with Joan Guia.


In Pinoso (Alicante) we have visit La Bodega de Pinoso, with Javier García.


In Tarancón (Cuenca) we have visited the winery Finca la Estacada, with Mª Ángeles García Chico and David Moreno.


In Darro (Granada) we have visited Bodegas Anchurón, with Emilio Romero.


In Montilla, we have visited Bodegas Alvear, with Gemma Verdaguer.


In Jerez we have visited Bodegas Tío Pepe.


In Oliva de Mérida (Badajoz) we have visited Pago los Balancines, with Rodrigo Hernández Pozuelo.


In Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz) we have visited CAVE San José, with Benito Durán García.


In Gordoncillo (León) we have visited the Gordonzello wineries, with José Manuel Fernández Pastor


In Cantabria we have visited the Picos de Cabariezo Winery


In Cangas del Narcea (Asturias) we have visited the Bodega Monasterio de Corias, with Juan Manuel Redondo


In Valdevimbre (León) we have visited Bodegas Leyenda del Páramo, with Pedro González Mittelbrunn.

20151110 LeyendadelParamo

In the visit to Bodega Barahonda, in Yecla (Murcia).


During the visit to Bodegas Almanseñas, in Almansa (Albacete), Gloria accompanied us.


During the visit to Los Viñedos de San Martín, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Madrid), Isabel Galindo attended us.

Isabel Galindo in The Vineyards of San Martín


Vineyards of San Martín


Vineyards from the tasting room of Finca Constancia


During the visit to Finca Constancia, in Otero (Toledo), Rubén Delgado attended us.


Vineyards in Finca Constancia


In Chinchón (Madrid) we have visited the plant that produces the well known Anís de Chinchón, from the González Byass Group, where we were attended by Francisco José Domenech. Although it is not a winery, it is also part of the project, as part of the agri-food sector and the rural milieu.


In Los Hinojosos (Cuenca) we have visited Finca Antigua and were attended by Lauren Rosillo. It is an extensive farm owned by Martínez Bujanda Family, together with Finca Valpiedra, Finca Montepedroso, Viña Bujanda and Cosecheros y Criadores, all of them collaborators contributing data to the project.

Vineyards of Finca Antigua


In the tasting room of Finca Antigua, with Lauren Rosillo



In Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) we have visited Bodega Las Copas, from the González Byass Group, where we were accompanied by Pedro Rodríguez.


We began visits to Spanish wine regions in the Community of Madrid, specifically at the Gosálbez Orti winery, where we were attended by Carlos Gosálbez and Estrella Ortí.

Visita a Bodegas Gosálbez Orti