The summer course of the year 2017 has been done

The course of this year has taken place in the city of Huesca on 3 and 4 July. Its title “Reduction of CO2 emissions in rural areas: a case study. Held at the Polytechnic School of Huesca and in the program of  Extraordinary courses of the University of Zaragoza, is the third and last course organized by the project LIFE REWIND.

The course has been developed in seven presentations and a round table, including a visit to the prototypes of the project Life+ REWIND in Viñas del Vero, as well as a wine tasting of sustainable production. The speakers came from the University of Zaragoza, the Hydrogen Foundation of Aragón, Viñas del Vero and Intergia engineering.

The course was closed with a round table of LIFE projects, in which in addition to REWIND were present COOP 2020, FERTILIFE, IRRILIFE and WINDRO.

The presentations can be downloaded shortly.

Course photos

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