2016 Summer course

It is already opened the registration period for the second summer course of the Life REWIND project, entitled “Renewable energy, electricity and hydrogen: present and future of energy in rural areas and agricultural machinery.” It is an extraordinary course at the University of Zaragoza and will take place in Huesca, in the Polytechnic School, on June 30 and July 1, 2016.

There are scholarships for the first 20 enrollments. More information and enrollment on this link (in Spanish).


Demonstration and dissemination of new on-site renewable power generation technologies for irrigation and other farms. Technical, environmental and economic analysis. Hydrogen production and its application in agricultural machinery and mobility.

In the context of the LIFE+ REWIND european project, we will visit and explain the prototypes installed in the vineyards of Vinas del Vero, for irrigation, wastewater treatment and production and use of hydrogen in mobility.

Addressed to:


  • wine sector.
  • agricultural sector.
  • auxiliary activities in agriculture: irrigation, machinery, etc.
  • energy sector with interests in the agricultural sector.

Students and graduates:

  • Degree of Environmental Sciences.
  • Degree of Agricultural Engineering and Rural Environment.
  • Degree of Electrical Engineering.
  • Degree of Industrial Technology Engineering.
  • Master of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Master of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
  • Master of Industrial Engineering.
  • Other Engineering and Technical Engineering in related fields.

Public interested in the issues addressed.


Thursday, June 30

10:00 h. Electric Mobility (1)
12:00 h. Impact of renewable energies in the wine sector and its environment (2)
15:00 h. Design of renewable generation for rural areas (3)
17:00 h. Hydrogen production and use in rural areas (4)

Friday, July 1

10:00 h. Technical visit to the prototypes of the Life + REWIND project in Vinas del Vero vineyard (5)
12:00 h. Sustainability in the product (includes wine tasting) (6)
15:00 h. Roundtable: Sustainability as a driver of innovation in Europe (7) (8)
17:00 h. Thermochemical processes for the recove
ry of residual biomass (9)


1.    Sergio Artal Sevil (University of Zaragoza)
2.    Nieves García Casarejos (University of Zaragoza)
3.    Javier Carroquino Oñate (University of Zaragoza)
4.    Luis Valiño García (LIFTEC-CSIC)
5.    Jesús Yago Loscos (Intergia energía sostenible S.L. Zaragoza)
6.    José Ferrer Castillón (Viñas del Vero, SAU)
7.    Representantes de proyectos medioambientales LIFE (to be determinated)
8.    Francisco Javier García Ramos (University of Zaragoza)
9.    Juan José Manyá Cervelló (University of Zaragoza)

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